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I love being introduced to new designers and was taken back when I saw my friend Nasiba wearing this necklace at New York Fashion week.  She always knows where to find cool pieces like this.  I immediately asked where it was from and I hate to say I had immediately forgotten who she said the designer was... Until last Friday.  She was showing me a few of these necklaces by the same designer she had just ordered on Moda Operandi.  I'm not usually one to borrow from friends (what if it breaks?), but when she insisted I wear this green one for a couple of days, I thought, I have to share this on the blog.  I decided to photograph it atop my favorite Assouline coffee table book by Claiborne Swanson Frank.  The necklace is by EK Thongprasert and while I can't find this exact one online, here is a similar one on Farfetch.  The necklaces are made with rubber jewelry moldings and stones that give a really modern look to a classic style.  Maybe I have just been out of the loop, but I love that these aren't so well known just yet. I think it would look really cool dressed down with a t- shirt and jeans.  What would you wear it with?

Keeping all of the East Coasters in my thoughts and prayers! Stay safe!


  1. The green is so pretty in this necklace! I would wear it with a dressed down outfit...like a t-shirt and jeans as you suggested...or a sweatshirt and fluted skirt. The possibilities are endless! =D


  2. Ooooh that green is perfection!!!! What a pretty line!! xoxo

  3. That is such a beautiful piece of jewelry. A perfect piece to spice up any outfit!!




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