Essie Holiday


One thing I love about this time of year is all of the sparkle and bright colors...  And something about the holidays make it okay to play with something different. Last evening a few of my blogger friends and I went to an Essie party and got to try out the new winter collection.  I wanted something I hadn't tried before so I went for Butler Please, the bright cobalt blue.  They were kind enough to let us keep the collection so I decided to make the pallet a fun decoration on my vanity table.  They add a pretty pop of color to the room.  Why not display your nail polish as a room accessory!?


  1. For quite some time I never painted my nails and mainly used my Essie polishes as decor for my room! Exactly! Why not right? They're a cute way of adding a little color here and there!

  2. I have all of my Essies prominently displayed on my bookshelf! Love decorating with them. Great to see you last night dear!

  3. Essie is the only polish I will use - they have the best shades! I haven't decided which I love most from their holiday collection yet, but my eye has been on the blue for sure.


  4. I love this idea of displaying nailpolish...I mean with all the adorable colors now, they could make quite a splash!

  5. I used to display my nail polish and then I moved in with my boyfriend and it's too girly for him!

  6. I love the blue; it's so unexpected for winter!


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