Little treasure


It's not very often that I buy myself a piece of jewelry.  I usually think of it as something that we should buy for others or receive on a special occasion.  Like a bracelet I received for my sixteenth birthday or a necklace I got for graduation- every time I wear them I think of that exciting time in life.  I had been looking for awhile about getting myself a thin band (I know it's super cheesy) but to feel a little bit of self empowerment.  I wanted something I could wear everyday but not something that I would see on everyone else.  I came across this double ring last week and decided it was a perfect little token to remember this special time in life.  It's delicate and dainty but has a bit of an edge to it.


  1. This is gorgeous - I'm really loving dainty jewelry these days and this one is slightly different than other rings I've seen...great choice!

  2. Well hello!! I'm all about dainty rings. LOVE these!!


  3. Such a cute buy! I'm on an accessories obsession right now! Definitely need to check this dainty ring out!


  4. I am in love with soft, dainty jewelry pieces these days. They can be worn with everything and give such a classy statement! Gorgeous pick. xo


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