Classic Coat



  1. Now that you're a New Yorker, you should try:

    Brick NYC for brunch and live Jazz with your meal.
    Murrays in Soho, great cheese, wine and cheese classes and specialty items and desserts
    French Roast in the Village, another good brunch place
    Wait for the Spring and Summer, their will be ton of street fairs and festivals

    Enjoy and Welcome.

  2. A beautiful outfit! I especially love the bag - its gorgeous!


  3. This outfit is so nice, great coat and bag.


  4. Little Owl in West Village! It serves a great lunch! It can be filled with a lot of tourists though because the same building was used in Friends. But it is definitely worth it!

  5. Restaurants to try: Salume, Hearth, Kingswood, Vezo, Souen, Cafe El Portal, Park 9
    Check out the goop guide to Brooklyn and NYC if you haven't already.
    Also, a friend of mine has been living in NYC for a few years and blogging about her experiences/finds around town. Check it out here (look under Taste and Toodlin' the Town): She has some great posts on places to buy hostess gifts, food and desserts for parties, etc.


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