The best part about living in NYC is waking up to the beautiful views and energizing noises.  There is nothing more inspiring.  Yesterday while furniture shopping, I came across a work of art that simply read, "Work hard and be nice to people."  I've decided, that's the new motto while here.

Photos by Krystal Schlegel


  1. Gorgeous! Love New really is the city of dreams. There is inspiration all around you!
    ♥, Londa

  2. Amazing pics I love NYC, congrats on the big move.


  3. Krystal, did you move to NYC for work? I am curious to know what inspired the move!! I still haven't been but am planning a trip in Feb!! Hope the move goes smoothly :) Blessings


  4. What a gorgeous view! I love to wake up to this every morning.

  5. Amazing views! Hope the first few days in your new city are going well!

    xx Nina

  6. Yay! Love these pics! I feel like I've heard that quote before and I love it too. It pretty much sums it all up, right? :) Enjoy NYC!

  7. Krystal - I used to live on the same block in NYC. Too funny! Try 2nd Avenue Deli - great chicken salad and the owner will call you Miss America every time you stop in :) Enjoy! Its the best city in the world. XO

  8. Krystal - I used to live on the same block in NYC! Too funny. Try 2nd Avenue Deli on 33rd - best chicken salad and the owner will call you 'Miss America' every time you stop in :) Best of luck. Its the best city in the world! XO

  9. Hey Krystal! So excited to see pics of your new place in New York. I would love to get together when I'm there for Fashion Week!

    xo Julia


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